It was a good year.

I gave up pizza. We fin­ished mak­ing an album. I went flat broke. I got a job. We both moved. We painted apart­ments. I fin­ished the Bleed­ing Skull book. I redesigned the Bleed­ing Skull site. Annie fin­ished her book. My dad gave up junk food. We made two road trips. I decided that Emack & Bolios has the best Cook­ies ‘N’ Cream I’ve ever tasted. We beat Ram­page. I re-discovered David Goodis. I dis­cov­ered Ray­mond Carver. We vis­ited my aunt in Chicago. I read every issue of The Incred­i­ble Hulk until it got bad. Annie bought a couch. I bought a blues-ray player.

I also watched movies. Here are eleven I saw for the first time that made this year even better.

Black Tight Killers (Yasuharu Hasebe, 1966)
High Kicks (Ruta K. Aras, 1993)
Last Days Here (Don Argott and Demian Fen­ton, 2011)
Kiss Of The Taran­tula (Chris Munger, 1976)
Death Race 2000 (Paul Bar­tel, 1975)
Dead­beat At Dawn (Jim Van Beb­ber, 1988)
Walden: Diaries, Notes, and Sketches (Jonas Mekas, 1969)
Vig­i­lante (William Lustig, 1983)
The Amer­i­can Scream (Michael Stephen­son, 2012)
The Lords Of Flat­bush (Mar­tin David­son and Stephen Verona, 1974)
Going In Style (Mar­tin Brest, 1979)