Four years ago, Beau­jo­lais was born out of pain, anger, and a mil­lion other feel­ings that I can no longer remem­ber. At the time, I had no inten­tion of tak­ing it fur­ther than Love At Thirty. But as the years went on, I couldn’t stop. I still needed to work things out. So it makes sense that the story should con­clude in a place of happiness.

Adults Only closes the book on an era of my life that started with Love At Thirty. It might not be the last Beau­jo­lais release ever, but it’s the last Beau­jo­lais release for now. There are two rea­sons for this. One, I’m mov­ing on with a new band. Specifics com­ing soon. Two, there’s no need for me to write songs about some­one impor­tant when I can tell them exactly how I feel instead. That’s what I’ve learned.

Thank you for lis­ten­ing up to this point. More to come.

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